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We Broke Up
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Trae Gilbertson Pred 5 urami
Hi Alexa
Sonya Alvarado
Sonya Alvarado Pred 5 urami
😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮 oh
Lily Grace Wise
Lily Grace Wise Pred 5 urami
I cried in both your break up video (lexi riveria) and Ben's break up video
Nur Rahmah Ramadhani
Nur Rahmah Ramadhani Pred 5 urami
actually this date is my birthday😌
Paige Brooks
Paige Brooks Pred 5 urami
I love how Andrew texted Lexi in the middle of a video and her mom saw
Gamnergirl_101 On Roblox
Gamnergirl_101 On Roblox Pred 5 urami
Lol 😂
Giselle Pred 5 urami
Its not like any of the amp boys are bad looking
Julie gj9034016
Julie gj9034016 Pred 5 urami
this video was absolutely amazing!! :)
Giselle Pred 5 urami
Lexi and her mom look so alike
Veronica Arroyo-Casey
Veronica Arroyo-Casey Pred 5 urami
Aaliyah Kemp
Aaliyah Kemp Pred 5 urami
No, bc i dont even pay that much attenion 2 u
Amy Pred 5 urami
Hope Ben and Lexi will get back together 🥺🥺
Isabella Membreno
Isabella Membreno Pred 5 urami
How come Jeremy is not participating? He would totally win.😎 Like if you agree 🤣
Julie Anderson
Julie Anderson Pred 5 urami
My house is over a hundred years old take that besides no one has lived here since it was built images barely move that act like a month ago and there is like blood in my closet
Nocternalizer Pred 5 urami
Gianna Villa
Gianna Villa Pred 5 urami
I laughed at how Brent just walked in on Lexi and her mom
rection dab
rection dab Pred 5 urami
If you are the prank master you should expose brent and pierson what they do off camera
Jamie Crouse
Jamie Crouse Pred 5 urami
You would not!!!!🙄🤣😂😬😅⛑
Maureen Yabot
Maureen Yabot Pred 5 urami
Me: laughing on how she look like a fourth grader as a boy She looked smaller 😂😂😂
The Ivin M. Koshy
The Ivin M. Koshy Pred 5 urami
Fun fact: Most of you tried to look if Andrew commented on this video but found the Stokes Twins instead
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Kalpana Rajkumar Pred 5 urami
why the heck is anybody liking this video
Rachel Alexan
Rachel Alexan Pred 5 urami
my 15 year old sister watches you guys all the time
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RblxAera Official Pred 5 urami
Bexi aint better, Landrew pls
Lizette Sanchez
Lizette Sanchez Pred 5 urami
Lizette Sanchez
Lizette Sanchez Pred 5 urami
Lexi Rivera can you tell Ben that if I can get a shout out
Jerome Mwangi
Jerome Mwangi Pred 5 urami
Hailey Hansine
Hailey Hansine Pred 5 urami
One time my dad looks through my phone and my messesages my heart was being like 😩
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat Pred 5 urami
To be honest the couple was Lexi and Ben
Adesh Singh
Adesh Singh Pred 5 urami
I like your of Andrew 👫💏❤💙👍
Marwan Kahhale
Marwan Kahhale Pred 5 urami
Hey Lexi I wanted to ask you a question about your name"Is your name Lexi Rivera or is your name Alexa Rivera? The resion I'm asking this question because I couldn't watch the video/Why did you and Ben break up? Please give me your answer love u so much btw I'm a girl ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🙂
Cindy Gante
Cindy Gante Pred 5 urami
Shift is waving andrew and lexi
Mackenzie Geary
Mackenzie Geary Pred 5 urami
When you ended your video right behind you was that your brother or a friend🧐
kim Pred 6 urami
Mom I think Dom is still in high school Lexi yah Dom is a baby
Brilyn Wood
Brilyn Wood Pred 6 urami
I would appreciate that
Brilyn Wood
Brilyn Wood Pred 6 urami
I know this has nothing to do with this video but I want to know how you can be so flexible how about you make a video teach us how to be so flexible
zeianab ahmed
zeianab ahmed Pred 6 urami
this part got me 7:20
Troy Warner
Troy Warner Pred 6 urami
Her and Andrew
SM - 05GS 821191 Dunrankin Drive PS
SM - 05GS 821191 Dunrankin Drive PS Pred 6 urami
#rebeccazamolo and type in after dom and soffi
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Lily Amar
Lily Amar Pred 6 urami
love brent and lexis relationship
Ruqiya Somo
Ruqiya Somo Pred 6 urami
who else searched "who is lexi rivera dating" on google
Wow you covered the apple sign
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Jude Trustmil Pred 6 urami
Can u heart this Lexi! From Philippines! 💙
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Uday Shetty Pred 6 urami
Doms eyes are really attractive
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Mya Goss Pred 6 urami
hi bihes who is asome you are my favrte youtubers
melodymonkey12 Pred 6 urami
I hope bexi comes back 🥰
Doah Updates
Doah Updates Pred 6 urami
I’m not the only one who thought when the text thing popped up you thought it was your phone????? 😭 😂
The Star Family
The Star Family Pred 6 urami
Your mother
O p
O p Pred 6 urami
The 1st thing I think of is Brearson, Bexi, And Dophie Little did I know those were gonna be the couple's
Jamie Crouse
Jamie Crouse Pred 6 urami
Are they going to kiss?????😍👋🏼🤣🙄🥰❤️
FUN HACKS 123 GO Pred 6 urami
I love how its always Andrew that lexi has to call for anything ❤🤣
Musfirah Malek
Musfirah Malek Pred 6 urami
Lexi's mom: "Isn't Dom a simp to everyone?" Me: Oh no she didn't- 🤣
Gabriella Perry
Gabriella Perry Pred 6 urami
Hi lexi
Payton Groenewold
Payton Groenewold Pred 6 urami
I wish I was there I would win
The Potato
The Potato Pred 6 urami
lexis mom is the BIGGEST bexi shipper LMAO
bananapower on xbox
bananapower on xbox Pred 6 urami
Hi Lexi
ktiker Pred 6 urami
Maryam Qureshi
Maryam Qureshi Pred 6 urami
I love you and all Lex, but... I'd say Brent wins this one
Lily Elizabeth
Lily Elizabeth Pred 6 urami
why her arm lookin like that on the thumbnail? 😂
Sofia Botelho
Sofia Botelho Pred 6 urami
Izaiyah Guess
Izaiyah Guess Pred 6 urami
You and your funny when you guys do videos with her sometimes keep up with the great work and also doing your videos Love you and be safe 😘😀😆
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I have more then 3 classes and I'm in elementry
Lyndsay Hyatt
Lyndsay Hyatt Pred 6 urami
There was a cut when he did the handstand
Izaiyah Guess
Izaiyah Guess Pred 6 urami
That's a lot of boys you've been dating but the funny part about it from the beginning is that when your mom was trying to chase you and cut your arm off with scissors your mom is funny 😅😂😄
The Penguin Master
The Penguin Master Pred 6 urami
Ben's damn! 😆😆😆😆😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
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Magic Uni99
Magic Uni99 Pred 7 urami
I wouldn’t ever see that. And you still look pretty 😍
Jimena Zamora
Jimena Zamora Pred 7 urami
i like bens fase he is like dayyyuum brant like why you lookin at her but
Erin Hughes
Erin Hughes Pred 7 urami
No not rilly
Rylie Walker
Rylie Walker Pred 7 urami
Love that everyone has a cout then u see lexi doesn’t have a coat 🧥 😂😂😂
Brenna P
Brenna P Pred 7 urami
No one: Literally no one in the universe: Andrew: trying to kiss all the boys in the group
Clara Pirro
Clara Pirro Pred 7 urami
I want to be friends with all of them!
احمدجمال_ Ahmed Jamal_
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احمدجمال_ Ahmed Jamal_
احمدجمال_ Ahmed Jamal_ Pred 7 urami
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Leah Loren Pred 7 urami
Does Lexi have a dad?
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Hi Alexa my name is Emma
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Rye bread